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USS DuPage (APA-41) Official Action Report – TOP SECRET – Released from U.S. Naval Department Records

From:  The Commanding Officer

To:  Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet

DATE:  January 20, 1945


            1.                  Commander Task Unit 78.1.21 (Commander Transport Division 24 Temporary).

2.                  Commander Task Unit 78.1.2 (Commander Task Force 78 (Commander Transport Squadron FOURTEEN)

3.                  Commander Task Force 78.1 and Commander Task Force 78 (Commander Seventh Amphibious Force).

4.                  Commander Seventh Fleet.

 Subject:            Action Report – Lingayen Gulf Operation in San Fabian area.


a.       Article 874(6), U.S. Naval Regulations 1920.

b.       ComSeventhPhibFor confidential letter Serial 0212 of 17 February 1944.

c.       CinAdCinSeventhPhibFor Restricted letter Serial 2565 of 18 October 1944.

d.       ComAdminComSeventhPhibFor Restricted letter Serial 2823 of 12 November 1944.

e.       ALNAV 215 of 1944.


A.      Special anti-aircraft action report for anti-aircraft action occurring 0720, 9 January 1945.  (Original sent direct to Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet).

B.      Special anti-aircraft action report for anti-aircraft action occurring at 1930, 9 January 1945.  (Original sent direct to COMMANDER IN CHIEF U.S. Fleet).

C.      Special anti-aircraft action report for anti-aircraft action occurring at 1915, 10 January 1945.  (Original sent direct to Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet).

D.      Damage report.

E.      Casualty report.

F.      Reports of Boat Officers.

1.             In compliance with references a, b, c, d, and e, the following report is submitted covering the actions of this vessel participating in the San Fabian phase of the assault on Lingayen Gulf, Philippine Island, 9 January 1945.



            This is covered in operation orders and reports of Task Force and Task Group Commanders.


 Chronological Account of the Action 9 January 1945

5:30 Recovered paravanes.
6:00 Sounded General Quarters
6:27 FLASH RED - CONTROL YELLOW.  No enemy aircraft sighted.  No firing by this ship.
6:40 Secured from General Quarters, Set Condition One Able.  Prepared to lower boats.  FLASH RED - CONTROL GREEN
7:18 Anchored in Transport Area, 11900 Yards from White Beach One.  Latitude 16D-11.7' North, Longitude 120D-19.2' East.  Commenced lowering all boats.
7:19 First boat left ship with Assault Troops for the Rendezvous Area.
7:20 Enemy Aircraft sighted (Zeke).  Opened fire with number 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 20MM mounts.  Plane turned away.  One hit by DD fire observed.  See Enclosure (A).
7:49 Completed lowering all boats.
8:00 Commenced unloading vehicles for Assault Waves.
8:12 Last boat with Assault Troops left for Rendezvous Area.
9:35 First Assault Wave landed on Beach White One.
9:43 Third Assault Wave, first from this ship. Landed on Beach White One.
9:49 Fourth Assault Wave landed on Beach White One.
9:54 Fifth Assault Wave landed on Beach White One.
10:00 Sixth Assault Wave landed on Beach White One.
10:03 Seventh Assault Wave landed on Beach White One.
10:36 Boats commenced returning from beach.
10:39 Commenced unloading Troop Cargo from holds in accordance with Unloading Plans.
11:25 Dispatch six (6) DuPage LCV(P)'s to the U.S.S. WAYNE.
11:59 First casualty taken aboard from LCI(G) 72.
12:05 Commenced loading vehicles from #4 hold into LSM 41 moored along side, Port side.
12:25 Commenced taking aboard 13 wounded and 5 dead from LSM 219 moored along side, Starboard side.  This delayed the unloading of #2 hold more than 2 hours.
12:30 Received eleven (11) casualties from the U.S.S. JENKINS.
12:39 One boat returned from the U.S.S. WAYNE.
13:07 Sounded General Quarters.  FLASH RED - CONTROL GREEN.  Continued unloading.
13:14 Underway to close on beach.
13:24 Cast off LSM219.  Completed transfer of casualties.
13:25 Secured from General Quarters.
13:30 Sixteen (16) Army casualties from beach received on board.
14:24 Anchored in Inner Transport Area approximately 5000 yards from Beach White One.  Latitude 16D-10.4' North, Longitude 120D-22.5' East.
14:36 LSM 41 loaded and cleared.
14:50 Completed unloading #4 hold.
15:00 Last boat returned from the U.S.S. WAYNE.
15:25 Sent one officer and twenty-five (25) hand working party to Beach White Two t assist in the unloading TransDiv24 boats.
15:35 Total casualties on board fifty-six (56) - Five (5) dead, fifty-one (51) under treatment, they were one (1) from LCI(G) 72, eighteen (18) from LSM 219, eleven (11) from U.S.S. JENKINS, sixteen (16) Army casualties from beach, and ten (10) Army casualties who had remained on board from troops transported by this ship.
16:49 Completed unloading #2 hold.
16:50 Commenced hoisting available boats.
16:55 Completed unloading #7 and 8 holds.
17:03 Completed unloading #1 hold and all troop cargo.  Total cargo unloaded 416 tons.
17:15 Officer and working party returned from beach.
17:30 Completed debarkation of all troops, total 997 U. S. Army Personnel of the 43rd Division, 172nd Infantry.  Nine hundred eighteen (918) Enlisted Men and seventy-nine (79) Officers.
17:35 Sent four (4) LCV(P)'s with complete equipment to E.S.B. to remain as boat pool boats.
18:00 Beach Party returned aboard.
18:27 Completed hoisting all boats.
18:28 Underway leaving Transport Area.
18:38 Secured from Condition One Able, Set Condition Three.
18:42 Sounded General Quarters.  FLASH RED - CONTROL GREEN.
19:30 Enemy aircraft (Betty) sighted, Commenced firing number 1, 7, 11, 13, 15, 17, and 18 20MM batteries, both number 1 and number 2 5"/38, Quad 1 1.1"/75, after dual 50 caliber mounted in LCC.  Enemy plane turned away.  No hits observed.  See Enclosure (B).  During firing of number 1 5"/38 elevating coil burned out.
19:59 Not having received orders to sortie with retiring transports the ship was anchored in the outer Transport Area, Latitude 16D-12.6' North, Longitude 120D-17.5' East.
20:32 Secured from General Quarters, Set Condition Three.
23:00 Buried Dead, Five (5) U. S. Army and two (2) U. S. Navy personnel.  Latitude 16D-12.6' North, Longitude 120D-17.5' East.
10 January 1945 - Action Report - Lingayen Gulf Operation in San Fabian Area
3:30 Received Voice Transmission from CTG 78.1 addressed to all ships that the enemy was operating small craft in the area and using hand explosives against ships.  All Lookouts and Deck Watches were advised and ordered to keep a sharp look-out for small craft.  No enemy or other small craft were sighted in the vicinity.
5:27 Sounded General Quarters, FLASH BLUE - CONTROL YELLOW.
6:59 Underway - shifted anchorage.
7:42 Anchored in Outer Transport Area, Latitude 16D-11.6' North, Longitude 120D-18.7' East.
7:49 Secured General Quarters, Set Condition Three.
9:50 One (1) Officer and twenty-five (25) hand working party sent to Beach White Two to help unload TransDiv24 boats.
12:47 DD663 moored along side, Starboard side, to receive fuel and unload brass.
14:13 Received voice transmission from CTG 78.1 addressed to all ships stating armed Japanese hiding under boxes and swimming towards ships.  All Lookouts were ordered to keep sharp lookout on all debris.  No enemy was sited.
15:05 Beach  working party returned to ship.
15:13 LCI 567 moored along side, Port side, to receive provisions, fog oil, and fresh water.
16:25 DD663 cast off, having received 2031 barrels of fuel oil and unloaded eight hundred (800) rounds of 5"/38 and one thousand four hundred forty (1440) rounds of 40MM empty brass.
17:30 LCI 567 cast off, having received four thousand two hundred (4200) pounds of dry provisions, two hundred seventy-five (275) gallons of fog oil and five thousand (5000) gallons fresh water.  LCI transported to beach fourteen (14) Army casualties treated and released by this ship.
18:00 Underway to Sortie with ships departing Lingayen Gulf Area.
18:11 Sounded General Quarters.
18:41 Secured from General Quarters, Set Condition Three.
19:02 Sounded General Quarters.  Enemy aircraft in vicinity.
19:15 Observed enemy aircraft (Nick) approaching from dead ahead.  Opened fire with number 2, 4 and 10 20MM guns.  Hits were observed.  Port wing of place crashed into Port wing of Navigation Bridge.  Plane continued down Port side of ship causing material damage and starting fires on the Port Side from the Navigation Bridge to the fantail.  See Enclosure (C).  This vessel maintained per position as guide in cruising formation.  TBS was damaged and out of operation.  Ships location at time of plane crash was Latitude 16D-17' North.  Longitude 120D-15' East.
19:18 Fires on Navigation Bridge extinguished.
19:19 Unexploded bomb discovered on upper deck at frame 146, starboard , by 20MM clipping room.
19:22 Unexploded bomb thrown over the side.  Deemed advisable due to nearby fires.
19:23 Reported suicide crash to CTU 79 .14.2 over 608 Secondary Maneuvering Frequency also reporting that TBS was out of operation.
19:33 Arrangements completed with CTU 79.14.2 to pass operational traffic to this vessel over channel Baker 5 (36.2 kilocycles).
19:37 All fires extinguished and under control.
19:43 Sent voice radio message requesting all ships astern to keep lookout for men knocked overboard.
20:10-20:17 Recurrent fires in Kapok Life Jackets stowed in boats on Port side also in Balsa wood life rafts, all fires were extinguished immediately.  LCC (21434) was flooded.
20:20 TPS repaired and back in operation.
23:30 Interpreted message from U.S.S. O'Brian reporting DuPage survivors had been picked up.
23:42 CTD 24 (Temporary) aboard DuPage requested CTU 79.14.2 to provide medical assistance for this vessel.
----------- As a result of enemy plane crash, thirty three (33) men were killed immediately and one hundred three (103) required and received immediate medical treatment.  Two (2) other wounded died before noon of 11 January 1945.
11 January 1945 - Action Report - Lingayen Gulf Operation in San Fabian Area
2:09 TBS message received from U.S.S THOMAS E. NICKEL addressed to CTD ; temporary) advising following men from the DuPage had been picked up:
CUEVAS, Ray J., S2c
OUELETTE, Oscar A., S2c
MILLER, Edward L., GM2c
BRYANT, Samuel., Ck3c
ROGERS, Enes., StM2c
8:30 CTD 24 (temporary) received for information following message from CTU 79.14.2 addressed for action to U.S.S WAYNE and U.S.S FULLER:    "Make preparation transfer two (2) Doctors and seven (7) Corpsmen each by boat to DuPage X Report when ready so formation can be slowed X."
10:05 Received on board two (2) Doctors and seven (7) Corpsmen from U.S.S. WAYNE.
10:12 Received on board two (2) Doctors and seven (7) Corpsmen from U.S.S. FULLER.
16:00 Held Burial Service in Latitude 13D-34D North, Longitude 119D-27D East. Buried thirty-three (33) Ship's Company dead.


 Performance of ammunition was excellent. Elevating. Coil in forward 5”/d38 mount burned out during firing at 1930, January 1945. Ammunition expended – 6 rounds AA common 5”/38, 3 rounds MK 32 5”/38, 751 20MM, 192 rounds 1.1”/75, 400 rounds 50 caliber.


 See Enclosure (D) for damage inflicted on this vessel. Enemy damage, one “Nick” fighter-bomber was completely destroyed.


 The CIC, Navigation, Engineering, Damage Control and Communications Department performed satisfactorily throughout the entire operation.


The attack on this vessel by a Japanese Suicide Plane resulted in the death or injury of the entire after Damage Control Party.  Fires and damage were brought under control by the forward Damage Control Party and other ship’s personnel.  The latter, though not damage control personnel, were able to perform in a highly credible manner due to special training given them in fire fighting schools and general training aboard this vessel.  This is demonstrated by the fact that although the entire Port Side of this vessel was on fire from the wing of the Navigation Bridge aft to the main deck and over the entire after portion of the ship above the main deck, all fires were extinguished in a period of 22 minutes.

Navigation – At no time was control of the ship lost and she maintained her correct position as guide in the cruising formation and maintained fleet speed.

CIC and Engineering Departments continued to function properly.

Communications Department affected repairs to the TBS promptly and communications were not impaired.


Damage Control Party should be divided into small units and dispersed around the ship.

Personnel on weather decks should be reduced to a minimum.

All practical personnel should be trained in the general principals of Damage Control, particular emphasis being placed on fire fighting.

Information concerning possible types of enemy attach, enemy weapons, etc. expected in the current operation should be given wide dissemination so that all personnel concerned are aware of the seriousness of the situation.  Particularly stressing the tactics employed by Suicide Planes.